India Calls for Increased Clean Energy Investments

In his inaugural address at RE-Invest, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that sound environmental policy is also sound economics.

Need for Increased Clean Energy Investment in India

As one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets worldwide, India needs clean energy investment of at least $20-$30 billion annually, much higher than the average investment over the last five years of $8 to $10 billion per year. PM Modi highlighted the growing demand-over 36 GW in the next three years-for domestic manufacturing of solar PV.

Global Partnership to Fight Climate Change

As the third largest single-country emitter of greenhouse gases, India’s climate and clean energy trajectory has significant global impacts, and the global community is increasingly recognizing this. At RE-Invest, leaders from several countries reaffirmed their support to accelerate clean energy growth and fight climate change in partnership with India.



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Madhura Joshi

Madhura Joshi


Climate and clean energy expert. Currently, Senior Associate at E3G, leading the work on India’s energy transitions. Previously with NRDC, CPR, and TERI.