More than Words: Greater Climate Ambition Needed

  • Expanding clean energy programs, such as the prior Partnership to Advance Clean Energy, focused on energy efficiency and solar and wind energy, and potentially adding electric vehicles, battery storage and renewable grid-integration that align with India’s priorities.
  • Developing new areas for cooperation, such as climate resilience, climate-resilient infrastructure, sustainable finance, air quality, electric mobility, among others.
  • Strengthening global partnerships, including greater ambition under the Paris Agreement, ratification of Montreal Protocol’s Kigali Amendment to phase down dangerous hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), advancement of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), expanded USAID cooperation on energy, accelerating Mission Innovation, among others.
  • Ramping up climate finance, investments and trade with India and emerging markets to support clean energy through the International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC), U.S. Export-Import bank and other platforms, such as the Green Climate Fund and catalytic financing solutions.
  • Fostering subnational climate action at the state- and city-levels with meaningful funding create opportunities for cross-country learning, capacity building and implementation on the ground.



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Madhura Joshi

Madhura Joshi


Climate and clean energy expert. Currently, Senior Associate at E3G, leading the work on India’s energy transitions. Previously with NRDC, CPR, and TERI.