Recognition for NRDC’s Work on Clean Energy Jobs in India

Ms. Madhura Joshi, Lead Energy Access and Climate Policy Consultant NRDC (Right) accepting the award on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council from Dr. Praveen Saxena, CEO, Skill Council for Green Jobs (Left)

Skill Council’s Journey

The Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) of India is a council set up in 2015 as a part of Government of India’s Skill India Mission for developing competencies and skills in the domains of renewable energy and sustainable development. SCGJ has extensive alliances with the renewable energy sector and with over 350 affiliated training institutions, which have imparted training to about 70,000 candidates. SCGJ also focuses on entrepreneurship, specifically in rural areas, to promote sustainable development, and improvements in income and livelihoods.

NRDC Work on Clean Energy Jobs

In a pioneering effort in 2014, NRDC, along with our partner the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), conducted the first set of analyses on employment opportunities for India’s solar and wind energy markets (links to all our reports are at the end of this blog). As per our analysis, achieving India’s 175GW renewable energy target has the potential to employ over 300,000 workers and create 1 million employment opportunities up to 2022.

Connecting Jobs to Livelihoods with the Skills Council

Partnering with SCGJ, NRDC works on assessing the skill gaps in the sector and supports the government’s goal of developing a skilled workforce ready for transitioning the energy sector.

Snapshot of Clean Livelihoods Potential in the Little Rann of Kutch; Source: Worth Their Salt Building Skills and Improving Livelihoods of Women Salt Farmers in Gujarat through Clean Energy Solutions, January 2019.

Looking into the Future

Since 2014, the interest in research on jobs in the renewable energy sector has grown in the country. But there’s still more to be done on exploring the pathways of maximum job-creation through various clean energy and efficiency initiatives, and the skills required to benefit from these jobs.

Link to Job Reports



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Madhura Joshi

Madhura Joshi


Climate and clean energy expert. Currently, Senior Associate at E3G, leading the work on India’s energy transitions. Previously with NRDC, CPR, and TERI.